When is the best time to begin planning for college?

Last week I spoke at Basis Mesa on "how to make college more affordable".   I am thrilled to report that we had a class full of middle school parents wanting more information on the financial roadmap to college.  This is so exciting! 

The cost of a state school diploma today is $100,000 and inflating at 5% each year.  High school families are shocked by this expense and the expectation that they actually have to pay this.   College is expensive, there is no way around it.  But, if you begin the planning process when your children are in elementary school or middle school, you will be so much more prepared.  It wont be a shock, or a crippling event.  It will be an expense you have properly planned for. 

 I had a young parent ask me at the meeting, "when is the best time to begin planning for college?"  I told her the best time to begin planning for college is in the womb.  The next best time is today!  Congratulation to those families that are thinking ahead!   I would welcome the opportunity to help you with this process!