WEBINAR: What will college cost YOU?

How do you properly prepare for something you don't understand?   Everyone talks about how expensive college is but what does that really mean?  Getting a baseline understanding of what college costs and specifically, what college will cost you, will help you prepare.  Early planning and preparation is the best strategy for success.   

By popular demand, I am hosting several webinars: "The Financial Roadmap to Paying for College".  This is a short, 25-minute webinar that will educate families on the following:

  • What does college cost
  • What will college cost you
  • How do you get financial aid
  • FAFSA Update
  • The Financial Impact of paying for college

My first webinar is September 8th, 2016  at 12:00 noon PST.  Please register on my website: http://www.monicafelton.com/events/

I am so passionate about educating families with this huge expense and sharing efficient strategies to ensure financial success.   I am confident this will help!