So why have I spent the last four blogs talking about entitlements?  I do college planning…why do you care about entitlements?  Because entitlements will impact you financial future!

 Remember, college is one of the biggest hindrances of a successful retirement.   Families don’t properly prepare for future costs, liabilities, and benefits.  They save too little and spend too much.   Awareness is power.  The more you understand today what retirement will look like, the better you can prepare, save, and spend today.  You will make better financial decisions!  

 I always ask my families if they think the government is stupid.  Does the government (and you) understand that we have financial tools that allow you to pay your taxes now, when they are historically low, and transfer money to the future, INCOME TAX FREE, when taxes will obviously be much higher?

How long do you think the government will allow us to have products like that? Isn’t it also true that only people who have those products, before the government changes them, will be the only ones allowed to keep them? Won’t the government be acting on this soon? Shouldn’t you beat them to the punch while you still can?

 I inspire families to take action today!  I help them use their own common sense to reason out what is the best course of action to have successful financial futures and successful retirements.