13 Things you need to give up if you want to be successful


Thank you Mr. Cvijetic!  So many articles about what we have to add…this one speaks to just giving up a few.  My personal favorites:

#4. Give up your excuses – I have met so many amazing people on my journey and not one is without hardship.  Let’s face it, life is difficult.  We will all face challenges.  No one gets through life unscathed.  So… get up, take responsibility, and make things happen.  You are accountable for your future and choices matter. 

#6.  There is no magic bullet – There is no substitute for hard work.  Trust me, I have tried short cuts but at the end of the day, hard work and perseverance are what makes success…nothing else. 

#9.  Give up your need to Control – If only I could have learned this earlier, I am confident my hair would not be so gray!   Focus on what you can control and in this life, it is only you.  You can only control you; your thoughts, behaviors, and actions.  Make them all count.

Life is short and I don’t want to meet anonymous definition of hell.  I want to become who I was called to be.