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Educating families on Saving For college

Through my online university families can get a full breakdown of the college financial road-map. Knowing the basic terminology, what other resources are available, and how to adopt a financial thinking cap are critical to being able to make decisions when it comes to saving for college.

Course Overview by Monica Felton CFP

What you will learn:

  1. Academic vs. Financial Road-map

  2. What does College Cost?

  3. Understanding Financial Aid

  4. What is EFC - Expected Family Contribution?

  5. How do you get Financial Aid?

  6. What is The FAFSA?

  7. Getting Cash Flow Efficient

  8. How can I make college more affordable?

  9. College Planning is Financial Planning!

Part 1 - Academic vs. Financial Road-map

Part 2 - Cost of Attendance

Part 3 - Understanding Financial Aid

Part 4 - EFC

Part 7 - Getting Cash Flow Efficient

Part 5 - How to get Financial Aid

Part 8 - Making College More Affordable

Part 6 - FAFSA

Part 9 - College Planning is Financial Planning

Do you want more EFFICIENT strategies on saving for college?

Understand Your SPECIFIC Financial SITUATION