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This is what Parents are Saying about Making College More Affordable

I had no idea! I’m so grateful for the honesty, no matter how painful, this book shares. There’s so much bad information on how much college costs and what it will cost families. I want to provide my child the college benefit and I don’t want to go bankrupt doing so. Making college more affordable gave me great help!
Ripple FamilyMount Airy, MD
Monica clearly has years of experience and successful planning under her belt. This book shares not only how to prepare financially for college but also how to secure your retirement. I wanted to help my kids with college but not wreck my retirement in the process.
Miller FamilyChandler AZ
This book shares a proven alternative to traditional financial planning that’s used by banks, corporations, and wealthy people. Everyone should be doing this! I am grateful that Monica educated me and now I am doing this! This is a must read.
Morris FamilyPhoenix, AZ
Making college more affordable educates parents on college financial planning process. College is a huge expense. Get prepared now! If you want to help your kids financially, this book provides the answers.
Reckoner FamilyBoulder City, CO
College is not free, not even close. Every family will pay something for college and the sooner parents understand this, the more successful they will be. Thank you, Monica, for the truth!
Great Hearts College CounselorPhoenix, AZ
Monica is an educator. She shares the whole truth about money so you can make good decisions for your family. Her financial process gave me huge peace about our financial future.
Willems FamilySan Diego, CA

Making College More Affordable

A Parents Complete Guide to College Financial Planning

A college education is of great value to your children but at what cost? The crushing cost of college is threatening parents’ college dreams for their kids. Parents who want to provide this essential opportunity will find great hope in Making College More Affordable. This book provides a systematic roadmap to help families save and pay for college while focusing on retirement. We will address:

  • What college will cost and what college will cost you specifically
  • What financial aid is, what it is not, and how families get it
  • Strategies to lower what families are expected to pay for college
  • The Wealth Builder Strategy – A proven strategy that banks, major corporations, and wealthy individual’s implement to save and pay for major expenses
  • How to Implement The Wealth Builder Strategy into your financial plan
  • College planning is financial planning – you must look at the whole financial picture

Families who have journeyed down the “Making College More Affordable” roadmap have more money in retirement, after paying the college expense. Parents will take on less market risk and pay less in taxes using this strategy. After reading Making College More Affordable, parents will have the facts about college planning and be prepared financially for the day they send their students off to college and beyond.

About the Author

Monica Felton has been a Certified Financial Planner for more than a decade. She holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Pepperdine University and is the founder and president of The Elliott Group, LLC, located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

A woman of many passions, she is a College Financial Planning Expert, an Infinite Banking Practitioner, a Cash Flow Specialist, and the author of the 2021 release “Wealth Beyond Taxes.”

Her motivation to help individuals and families break free of financial stereotypes and achieve their dreams has led her to preach monetary freedom through alternative solutions that challenge the narrative and give anyone the opportunity to achieve long-term wealth. She is a resident of Scottsdale, AZ where she lives with her family, is active in her community, and is a member of Illuminate Community Church

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