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All Families have large expenses

Learn a SMART STrategy to Pay for life expenses!


Financial efficiency is achieving maximum productivity and results while minimizing waste and loss.  Financial inefficiency causes loss…loss of assets, loss of spendable income, and loss of liquidity; access to your money.

I teach families a SMART way to tackle life’s largest expenses; college, cars, weddings, businesses, etc. while creating long-term wealth.

First - I “find the money” you may be losing unknowingly and uncessesarity and we repurposed this to a more efficient place.

Second - Understand your expenses and the true cost to your financial future. Awareness is a great motivator to change.

Third - Learn a better way to pay and the potential savings implementing a SMART Plan.

AREAS of Expertise

College Planning

I am a college financial planning Expert. With over 12 years of experience, I enable families to securely invest in the future of their children without sacrificing their own financial futures. I offer a SMART College Plan so families understand the expense of college, the true cost of college on their financial future, and show them the potential savings with a SMART College Plan.


I do NOT make college free or find scholarships.

Tax-Free Income in Retirement

Our government is in debt and continues to spend money they don’t have. How do they pay for spending, TAXES. Who do they tax? YOU! The people with the money! Creating a pool of money exempt from future taxes will allow you to keep more of your hard earned money.

Learn to recapture interest on your money

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Understanding how money really works and learning how to minimize the negative financial impact of life’s events; college financing, mortgages, debt, and stock market corrections, will significantly improve your financial future. 


Education is the key and the sooner you learn and implement efficient financial strategies, the quicker your will achieve your financial goals and with much more certainty