Making College More Affordable

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A college education is of great value to your children but at what cost? The crushing cost of college is threatening parents’ college dreams for their kids. Parents who want to provide this essential opportunity will find great hope in Making College More Affordable. This book provides a systematic roadmap to help families save and pay for college while focusing on retirement. We will address:

  • What college will cost and what college will cost you specifically
  • What financial aid is, what it is not, and how families get it
  • Strategies to lower what families are expected to pay for college
  • The Wealth Builder Strategy – A proven strategy that banks, major corporations, and wealthy individual’s implement to save and pay for major expenses
  • How to Implement The Wealth Builder Strategy into your financial plan
  • College planning is financial planning – you must look at the whole financial picture

Families who have journeyed down the “Making College More Affordable” roadmap have more money in retirement, after paying the college expense. Parents will take on less market risk and pay less in taxes using this strategy. After reading Making College More Affordable, parents will have the facts about college planning and be prepared financially for the day they send their students off to college and beyond


1 review for Making College More Affordable

  1. Georgy Ayala

    “Making College More Affordable” is a fantastic book! In this short, easy ready Monica gives a complete financial roadmap of making college a reality for parents with children. But don’t wait too long or else crunch-mode will set in when your 17-year old has a list of colleges they are accepted to! Start early- This book would make an excellent baby shower or wedding gift because the sooner a parent starts with Monica’s roadmap, the better!

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